Friday, December 30, 2005

Disaster in the 24-Archive . . .

Well, this site is supposed to be the opposite of the 24-Archive, but I've done SQUAT about it.

Because fact is, I need an Archive before I can have an Anti-Archive!

Currently, the 24-Archive is in REAL bad shape. I myself am trying to reach Arch24, Webmaster of the site, hoping that he can do some damage control before Day V begins.

Problems Include:

Excessive members, little posts. People apparently like to sign up for no real reason at all.

Private Messages are down. Self-explanatory. And what's annoying is that when it did work, I had to scroll through ALL the useless members just to find MandysMan, 24,CSItvdramalover, Mmarin, Mwilliam, and many others!

Editing Function does not exist anymore. I'm constantly accused as a spammer!

Topics dissapear randomly, and there's nothing we can do about it!

As a Moderator, I CAN'T do Squat! I don't mind if Arch's busy and everything, but leave us prepared! This includes deleting useless members, locking forums, banning spammers, etc, etc! All I can do is post articles, and I have problems with that!

No More AVATARS!! Probably the biggest complaint so far.

The BBC Code is acting funny. Maybe it's just my Cookies, but right now, I have to personally plug the code in to ensure it gets in my post. I can't just click on the smilies anymore!

The Pages no longer jump to most recent, and the 'NEW' turns on and off randomly. I have to scroll down pages to find a new post, where the new posts should be more at the top of the page!

These and countless others. I hope something's done soon. Arch, I hope you see this. I'm trying to find your email as I type.



Blogger frangreene5632 said...

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Anonymous Federal Agent Jack Bauer said...

Some stuffs been sorted, but I agree, more needs to be done- If arch can make me a moderator and give us powers and sorts out the bugs, everything will be hunky dory!

1:32 AM  

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