Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Gargoyles?!

I know what your thinking, but I know Pheon would want me to post this up

In a local store near where i live I came accross these figurines of Gargolyes. I know nothing about them but i am sure Pheon could tell which ones which



Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pluggin' My Favorite Show of All Time

You may or may not know already, I am a HUGE fan of Gargoyles, and for this reason, I've been a little absent from most boards/sites lately, what with school, 24, Harry Potter, and of course: NEW CANON STORIES for Gargoyles!!

In case you didn't know, Gargoyles was this amazing show that premeired on Disney back in 1994. By 1996, however, it was pretty much canceled. Nonetheless, the fans saw to it to keep the fandom alive, especially through their annual convention, the Gathering of the Gargoyles. They even manage to keep Creator Greg Weisman involved in the fandom, enough for Disney to hire him as leadwriter for the all-new Gargoyles comic created and published by Creature Comics and SLG Comics!

We even have most of the episodes from the original show out on DVD: The Complete First Season (13 epsiodes) as well as the first 26 episodes of Season Two.

So basically, I just want those who read this blog (doubt there's many) to know about my favorite show of all time (I saw this show back when I was six, it hasn't left me since).

Rent/Buy the DVDs, and definitely check out the comics (3 issues out now, #4's coming out in May . . . each of them for $3.50). Whether you are an old fan or not, you should definitely check this series out.

And now, some pictures to entice y'all:

The Complete First Season:

I'll post other pics when this darn site works better.

And Jack, feel free to post here whatever 24 stuff you'd like . . . especially stuff on Day VI . . . just no spoilers for both US and UKers. Sorry I haven't done much lately.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

24: The Latest Hours

Who has liked the last few episodes of 24?

Me? I've loved them! For Jack it was Another Day, Another Embassy and another cold war if he doesn't get it right (or even if he did). If Suverof (i think thats how its spelt) hadn't given Daniels the backing to attack the embassy, that would have been even better- LA would become a warzone!

And the Martha Logan thing! Finally Charles get his comeuppance! In the famous words of Pheon in the unofficial 24 blog- "House Arrest My Backside"

And I will stop Nattering now and leave you with an image of the stabbing! Go Martha!

Playstation 3 UK launch

ok.... I know its been out in the US from what seems like forever ago (although it was november 17th i think, that being an original worldwide launch date).

But finally the UK and the rest of Europe will finally have the privillage to own Sony's fantasic state-of-the art Gaming console. Having sampled the delights of it myself I can say it is well worth the £425 price tag ($600 in the US).

Even owners of an XBox 360 say that the PS3 wipes the floor with the Microsoft Console.

And just for the people interested I have pre-ordered 3 games, Tony Hawks Project 8, Formula 1 Championship and Splinter Cell. I will probably get Resistance: Fall of man and Motorstorm at a late date!

Where is everyone?

Woooah! Its been ages since Pheon, Mandysman or myself have posted here so I'm bombing this place with a few comments to get things going again!

There has only been one post this month from Pheon at the archives and i think he's getting behind on his Poster Of The Month.

And Mandysaman (better known here as Michael Coleman) well....... in his search to meet Mary Lyn Rajskub he hasn't had much contact in over a year (bar the odd post here and the archives) so I hope these threads get both their backsides into gear!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The 2008 Scene . . . .

Trying to ignore MandysMan blasphemous ideas (Lauren is NOT a Terrorist :P), I think it'd be cool just to see what the 2008 Race already looks like in January 2007: 1 year before the Primaries EVEN begin and nearly two years before the actual 2008 Presidential Election.

My reason for doing this? One, I think it's wise to know what's going on in the world. Two, if you like 24, then odds are, you got to like politics JUST a bit. Three, I'm running out of ideas on what to do here, and this seems sorta relative to 24 (See Point Two).

So . . .

The Candidates for the 2008 Presidential Primaries:

Democratic Candidates:

Fr. Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska
Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
*Fr. Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa
Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio
*Fr. Senator John Edwards of North Carolina

*Senator Barrack Obama of Illinois
*Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York
*Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico

Republican Candidates:

Businessman John H. Cox of Illinois
Businessman Michael Charles Smith of Oregon
*Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas

*Senator John S. McCain III of Arizona
*Governor Jim Gilmore of Virginia
*Fr. Mayor Rudolph W. L. Guiliani III of New York
*Representative Duncan Hunter of California
*Representative Ron Paul of Texas
Fr. Governor Willard Romney of Massachusetts
Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado
Fr. Secretary Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin

Now, the little (*) next to some of these names are basically my guesses on who is actually going to make it to the Primaries and do well in them come early 2008. Now, my reasons are pretty simple, but they basically come down to three things:

One, they have name recognition. (Always a plus IMO)
Two, they are from the South. (Historically, at least in the Presidential Elections starting at 1968, he who wins the South tends to win the Presidency. Also note that the last Presidents Bush (Texas), Clinton (Arkansas), Bush (Texas), Reagan (California), & Carter (Geogria) were all FROM the South.)

So we have about 10 months to the Primaries and 22 Months to the General Election. What will the 2008 Scene look like then??


Enough said.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Palmer Clan: Another Chart

Yeah, so if you know me, I like facts and I like to organize these facts into some ridiculous charts.

So yeah . . . here's the Palmer Clan.

I've not only included the Palmers, but anyone they may or may have not (as in the case of Sherry Palmer's Staton in Day II) been romantically involved with. I've even included Lyle Gibson who raped Nicole Seven Years before Day I.

Another thing: Some of these people are DEAD now, so I've included their supposed Death years. Note that these Dates are only as accurate if you consider (as I do) that Day I took place in 2002. If you think otherwise, just add or subtract to your own beliefs.

As for David Palmer's birth, I was told he was 55 at the time of his death, so I simply subracted 55 from 2009 (when Day V took place IMO).

That's it. Enjoy! :P

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ta Da!

My 24 Gift to All of You . . . .

This is a checklist of all possible 24 Merchandise that contains major points in the story. The only exception are the Soundtracks, which I just think are awesome.

Welcome to the Anti-Archive, Jack. Hope you enjoy your stay. And Agent Aranel: Come on over: I know I invited you!

Sorry for the US Only Covers . . . I'm still working on the other nationalities!

Federal Agent Jack Bauer Swithces Sides!

Hello guys! This is Federal Agent Jack Bauer from the 24-Archive. As you may have guessed, now I am posting alongside Phoenician, I have switched sides so the Anti-Archive!

I hope this will be the first of many posts here! And thanks for letting me do this Phoeon!

Dont foget to check my own blog too- http://jackbauersworkstation.blogspot.com/

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Well, as you may know, one of this site's main goals is to deal with the 24-Archive, but though I always intended it to actually BE in direct relationship, it really never was -- Until now.

Arch24 of the 24-Archive (makes sense) has actually put this URL on his Links Page. Hopefully the bond between Archive and Anti-Archive will become even stronger now (or maybe I just want to right something epic at 10:55 AM)!

If for some odd reason you know not of the 24-Archive, check out the links below!

Oh and cool fact: 17 Days till the first teaser trailer for Day VI of 24!!