Saturday, April 22, 2006

Poor Aaron!

Okay, for anyone who hasn't seen the past few hours, GO AWAY!!!


Okay, I doubt that Aaron's in any trouble yet, even after the scene with Martha in the stables. I think that was just his way of saying, "Get off my back, I ain't telling you anything yet . . ."

But still, Aaron is in a tough spot.

He's Head of Secret Service AND in the "Eagle One" Position. He has a DIRECT responisibility of taking care of the President since perhaps Day III. Probably as far back as 24: The Game. And guess what? The President's dirty. DOWN RIGHT Dirty. This is NO Coup d'etat -- Logan is not being influenced by anyone. And yet Logan remains President of the United States -- the role that Aaron must be willing to scarifice his life for. And oh yeah, Logan is the CAUSE behind Palmer's death. Henderson may have been the one who gave the Order, but in the end, Logan was not disspleased. And Aaron knows this as well.

What's a Secret Service Agent to do?

IMO, I'd love to see the final showdown have Logan vs. Aaron & Henderson vs. Jack. Both of them avenging those they care for. Aaron for Palmer, and Jack for Tony. The Tetramvirate will hopefully be avenged then. I don't know where Wayne will come into play, but I'd like him to live till next season, maybe having the chance to have a Presidential Bid (ala Robert F. Kennedy - But hopefully he won't be killed too!) Discuss. Right here in the comments or perhaps in the forums!

PS - Aaron BETTER NOT DIE. I will seriously kill! Palmer was the "Reason for the Season," and Tony (I guess, but he still deserves a S.C.) demonstrates how 24 is a Tragedy, but Aaron is truly the glue of the show, alongside (and more obviously) Jack.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Change is in the Air . . .

So if you haven't noticed, I've sort of moved out of 24-Archive information (quite frankly, it's not as bad as it was anymore - save there's only four-to-five ACTUAL Members) and have done some stuff more related to both Phoenix, Arizona and myself. For now, this will remain constant.


Banned Books Week . . .

September 23 - 30: The 2006 Banned Books Week. Always been a supporter of being able to have access to everything - Freedom of Speech, Press, and Expression are ALL involved when it comes to books.

So I'm planning on doing something then: Stay Tuned!