Sunday, March 18, 2007

24: The Latest Hours

Who has liked the last few episodes of 24?

Me? I've loved them! For Jack it was Another Day, Another Embassy and another cold war if he doesn't get it right (or even if he did). If Suverof (i think thats how its spelt) hadn't given Daniels the backing to attack the embassy, that would have been even better- LA would become a warzone!

And the Martha Logan thing! Finally Charles get his comeuppance! In the famous words of Pheon in the unofficial 24 blog- "House Arrest My Backside"

And I will stop Nattering now and leave you with an image of the stabbing! Go Martha!

Playstation 3 UK launch

ok.... I know its been out in the US from what seems like forever ago (although it was november 17th i think, that being an original worldwide launch date).

But finally the UK and the rest of Europe will finally have the privillage to own Sony's fantasic state-of-the art Gaming console. Having sampled the delights of it myself I can say it is well worth the £425 price tag ($600 in the US).

Even owners of an XBox 360 say that the PS3 wipes the floor with the Microsoft Console.

And just for the people interested I have pre-ordered 3 games, Tony Hawks Project 8, Formula 1 Championship and Splinter Cell. I will probably get Resistance: Fall of man and Motorstorm at a late date!

Where is everyone?

Woooah! Its been ages since Pheon, Mandysman or myself have posted here so I'm bombing this place with a few comments to get things going again!

There has only been one post this month from Pheon at the archives and i think he's getting behind on his Poster Of The Month.

And Mandysaman (better known here as Michael Coleman) well....... in his search to meet Mary Lyn Rajskub he hasn't had much contact in over a year (bar the odd post here and the archives) so I hope these threads get both their backsides into gear!