Wednesday, March 01, 2006

25 short of the Sequicentennial!!!!

Well, this has NOTHING to do with 24, so if you were expecting something else, BOO!

The following post is to the best city in the world . . . well, in my biased opinion, that is!

The City of Phoenix, of the State of Arizona, is officially 125 years old!!

A colony of the future city formed circa 1868, led by Jack Swilling of Wickenburg, Arizona.
In 1874, President Grant issued a patent to create a 320 city to BECOME Phoenix!

Incorporated into a city on February 25th, 1881, Phoenix was named from Lord Darrel Duppa as symbolism that it would be a city reborned from the ashes of the Hohokam Villages just to the east. (Not to mention that the place was hot!)

Today it is now the fifth largest city in the United States (Population) and has the fifth busiest airport in the nation! The city is also Capital of the State of Arizona and has been since the state entered into the Union in 1912.

The city also has exactly 27 Suburbs surrounding it and one unicorporated town (Gold Canyon). The city is divided into 8 Districts for voting and 15 Urban Villages for development. If things continue to look right, Phoenix plans on annexing one of the them (Anthem) in the next few years!

In 1993, Phoenix was dubbed the best ran city in the world, along with Christown, New Zealand.

Don't forget: The city also has TEN Sister Cities around the World!

Well, that's my rant for perhaps the month. I'll definitely be back in 2031 to celebrate the Sequicentennial!!


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